Pansonic Air to Water Heat Pumps

The Panasonic Aquarea air to water heat pump offers homeowner comfort, efficiency and low energy costs while being clean, safe and environmentally friendly, focusing on reducing C02 emissions.  With more than 60 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector.

Panasonic Air To Water Heat PumpsPanasonic Air To Water Heat Pumps
House fitted with a Panasonic air to water heat pumpHouse fitted with a Panasonic air to water heat pump

Panasonic air to water heat pumps are innovative low-energy systems, designed to provide ideal temperatures and hot water in the home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures or for retrofit projects where a higher water output temperature is required.

A heat pump turns heat energy outside into warmth inside

With Aquarea up to 80% of the heat energy required is taken from the ambient air, even in extremely low tempratures. Aquarea captures heat energy from the ambient air, transferring it to heat the water necessary for warming your home, providing domestic hot water, and even cooling the house if desired.

Aquarea air to water heat pumps range is a ground breaking low energy system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production that delivers outstanding performance, aligning with our vision of a carbon-free society

The Aquarea range of air-to-water heat pumps represents a groundbreaking low-energy system designed for heating, cooling, and producing domestic hot water. It delivers exceptional performance, perfectly in line with the vision of a carbon-free society.

U-Vacua™: Vacuum insulation panel
(VIP) technology developed by Panasonic.

Because they leverage VIP technology,
U-Vacua™ panels offer 19 times the
insulation performance of polystyrene
foam. Since the system retains heat
longer, it needs to heat up fewer times
each day, resulting in energy savings.

Natural refrigerant GWP3. Save CO2.

A next generation environment friendly heat pump that uses a low GWP refrigerant as a product that represents the Panasonic environmental concept of GREEN IMPACT.

Key Features

  • Extremely high efficiency with a COP of up to 5.33*
  • ErP efficiency rating
    • A++ for medium temperature applications (radiators ErP 55°C)
    • A++ for low temperature applications (floor heating ErP 35°C)
    • 3 & 5kW High Performance models are A+++
  • Smart Cloud facilities easy and powerful remote control, monitoring and energy management (using an optional interface)
  • Large range of efficient tanks for domestic hot water storage
  • Highly reliable thanks to the quality of all components, including the compressor, which are developed and manufactured by Panasonic
  • All Aquarea heat pumps can also be connected to a solar thermal or PV system to further increase efficiency
  • Easy installation - air source heat pumps are simple to install. They do not require a chimney, gas connection, oil or LPG tank. All that is required is a power supply connection
  • Smart Bivalent operation will combine different heat sources and use the most appropriate source, depending on the user’s preferences and efficiency
  • Cascade operation possible for larger installations

*COP (Coefficient of Performance) refers to the ratio of energy used by the Heat Pump to the energy input into the water, for example, a unit with a COP of 5.08 or 500% will supply 5 kilowatts of energy into the water for every 1 kilowatt of electrical power it consumes. In order to maintain this efficiency heat pumps operate at lower temperatures.

Aquarea Heat Pump Models

The Aquarea offers three different alternative technical solutions depending on the property requirements and each is available in a range of outputs ensuring there is a solution to meet any requirement.  Our technical team will advise on the best option for each specific property and will size it accordingly.

  • Aquarea L Generation - This is the perfect solution for both, renovations where a high water outlet temperature is required or homes looking for an innovative heat pump with natural refrigerant. The Aquarea L Generation gives you highly efficient Panasonic solutions to help reduce the energy consumption of the house while maintaining a high level of comfort and good indoor air quality. 
  • Aquarea High Performance - For new installations and low consumption homes
  • Aquarea T-CAP - For extremely low temperatures, refurbishment and innovation

The DHW Stand Alone is a domestic Hot Water tank with a built-in heat pump which is also available as a solution where heating water exclusively is required.

Heat Pump Formats

The heat pump’s outdoor unit extracts heat energy from the air and transfers this to the refrigerant in the system which is then compressed to raise the temperature. This heat from the raised temperature refrigerant is transferred via a heat exchanger to the heating or hot water depending on requirements. This transfer can be completed within the outdoor unit in Mono-Bloc systems or in the case of a Bi Bloc or All in One system refrigerant pipe connects to an indoor unit and the transfer of heat to water is completed in the indoor unit.

Mono Bloc

A Mono-Bloc air to water heat pump consists of a single outside unit that contains a heat exchanger and compressor. In this Mono-Bloc unit the heat is extracted from the air, and transferred to the refrigerant, the refrigerant is then compressed up to a higher temperature and the heat from the refrigerant is passed to the water that circulates to and from the heating and hot water system inside the house. This is ideal when space inside the house is restricted.

Panasonic Mono Bloc Air to Water Heat PumpPanasonic Mono Bloc Air to Water Heat Pump
Bi Bloc or Split

A Bi-Bloc or split is a two part air to water heat pump which consists of an outdoor unit, with heat exchanger, fan unit and compressor connected by refrigerant pipe to an indoor unit, with heat exchanger. The outdoor unit extracts the heat from the air and passes this heat energy to the refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant is compressed up to a high temperature and is circulated to the indoor unit which has a heat exchanger that takes the high temperature heat from the refrigerant and passes it to the water that circulates to the heating and hot water system. Installation requires a refrigerant engineer.

Panasonic Bi Bloc or Split Air to Water Heat Pump Panasonic Bi Bloc or Split Air to Water Heat Pump
All in One Bi Bloc

Ideal for small spaces, this system combines the indoor unit with a compact 185-litre stainless steel domestic hot water storage tank. Based on the Bi-Bloc model the outdoor unit is connected to the indoor All in One unit using piping charged with refrigerant.

The indoor unit has an improved square design with white goods finish that is designed to be compact and save space. It is also designed to be easy to install and maintain with easy access piping and electrical connections. It comes with an integrated remote control which can be installed up to 50m from the indoor unit and can function as a room thermostat.

Panasonic All In One Bi-Bloc Air to Water Heat Pump Panasonic All In One Bi-Bloc Air to Water Heat Pump

Panasonic Aquarea Smart Cloud

Panasonic Aquarea Smart CloudPanasonic Aquarea Smart Cloud

The Aquarea Smart Cloud from Panasonic facilitates easy and powerful remote control, monitoring and energy management from anywhere in the world.

The Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than a simple thermostat for switching a heating device on or off via the internet. It is a powerful and intuitive service for remotely controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption. It is a way to enhance your Aquarea, making it even smarter to maximise your comfort and minimise your energy bills and CO2 emissions.

*Available for H-generation models and later

Smart Cloud Functions

  • Energy savings and comfort from anywhere
  • Increase efficiency and resources management, operating costs savings and comfort
  •  Internet connection with router Wifi or wired LAN
  • Easy to adjust temperature
  • Up to 2 different zones and hot water
  • Easy to use weekly timer by zone and hot water
  • Holiday mode activation
  •  Intuitive and powerful energy statistics
  • Operation history log

Professional Monitoring and Maintenance

The Smart Cloud will save you time and money by facilitating

remote monitoring and maintenance by our Service Engineers or your installer. The homeowner control and permit access via the app as required.

  • Remote malfunction notification
  • Remote monitoring and service enabled
  • Identify if an engineer needs to call and if parts are required
  • System fine tuning to ensure optimal performance
  • Performance efficiency reviews
  • Advanced failure prediction
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling

Let us know if you interested in finding our more about the Panasonic Aquarea air to water heat pumps or would like to sign up for installer training.