Price Change Notification

We will keep you notified of pending price increases by suppliers so that you can plan accordingly. Exact price increase on specific products within the ranges supplied will vary and some exceptions will apply.  The following price increases will be effective from the first day of May 2021.

If you have any queries please contact your local branch manager or sales representative.

Important Note: Brexit Price Change Advisory Statement


Supplier Name

Range of Products

Approx % Increase

Supplier  Range of Products  Approx % Increase
Stelrad Limited Standard Panel products 14%
Premium Panel products 10%
All other products 8%
Purmo Group (UK) Ltd Product Ranges - Myson, Purmo & Radson 4-14%
Pegler XPress Copper, Tectite Classic, Tectite Pro,Tectite Sprint, TRV, MRV, TMV, Valves, Solder ring, Endfeed, Compression 3-7.5%
APE Mulitlayer pipe, plain, insulated, all brass products 3-5%
Reliance Worldwide All brass products within Sharkbite & Reliance Valves range - Thermomix Control Pack JGCONTROL/5 5-6%
Altecnic All Products 3-7%
Sabha UK Ltd SANHA series 6000, 8000, 10000, 11000, 12000 and series 16000 5-6%
Highway Wholesalers All Products 5-6%
Teddington All Products  
Trojan All acrylic baths 7.5%, bath panels 8.5%, Aquair whirlpools & spa systems 5%, Ramsdem & Molsely solid systems 7.5%, Bathe easy products 5%, glass bath screens 5%, MDF vinyl wrapped panels 5%, traditional free standing baths 5%, modern free standing baths 5% + surcharge TBA 5-9%
MI-Flues LTD All Products



Hevac Henrad Compact Radiators 14%, Henrad Design Range 10% 5-14%
Myson Premier Round Top Range 14%
Myson Premium Range 10%
Stuart Turner Pumps 5%
Lindab All Products



Fernox Limited Plumbing consumables 5%
Domestic cleaners and inhibitors 5%
Leak sealers 5%
Scale reducers 5%
Test kits 5%
Commercial cleaners and inhibitors 5%
Limescale remedies 5%
Disinfection and bacterial control 5%
Equipment 5%
Filters* 5%
Alphi-11 coded 61033 & 23980 19%
TF1 Total Filter coded 59916 & 59918 15%
Hunter Plastics All Products 11-12%
Excel Industries All Products  7-8%
ALUMACER All Products  2-8%
intematex All Products  10-11%
South Coast Sales All Products  3-4%
SPA JET LTD Acrylic sheet 20% 10%
Classic Marble Shower trays 10-11%


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