Technical Services

Our Technical Services Engineers will provide full system design for mechanical services with equipment specification. This will be a bespoke design according to each individual project’s requirements and will include:

  • Heating & Hot Water Services
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Renewable Energy Technologies

Technical Design Services are available though your heating and plumbing installer - due to the nature of the information required we are unable to provide designs directly to homeowners.

Technical ServicesTechnical Services

Our Technical Services team have full professional indemnity insurance and can provide installers with a complete design for heating, plumbing and mechanical ventilation in any new single or multi-residential building project. Systems will be designed to ensure a high level of comfort and energy efficiency for the homeowner and with our comprehensive product range we can offer solutions for any project or budget.

We will assess the property's requirements and suggest solutions and deliver a comprehensive bespoke technical design to include product specification, full schematics and drawings which will be in accordance with current building regulations and best practices. We also offer commissioning, ancillary certification and technical support plus installer training across our product range.

Mechanical Services Design Process

Our technical design team require the following information in order to provide a complete design proposal which is a bespoke design according to the specific requirement of the building. Designs are provided through the installers only, we are unable to provide designs directly to the homeowner due to the nature of the information required.

  • Installers / Contractors please contact your local branch to provide all project details
  • Full set of building drawings including cut sections & elevations
  • Dwelling Report or the Part L Report

Once these documents are received and reviewed by the technical design team we will provide a complete design which includes:

  • Design of all mechanical services in dwelling
  • Mechanical and electrical schematics
  • Schedule of plant or material required
  • Design that is in compliance with current building regulations
  • Operation & maintenance manuals for all the products used in design
  • Design covered by Professional indemnity Insurance
  • Heat Merchants will sign off on project as the Ancillary Certifier on design

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The design provided is covered by Professional Indemnity if installed as per specifications based on the information provided. Any changes in dimensions, U-Values will require the calculations to be amended.

All calculations are based on SR50-1: Code of Practice - Part L - Domestic Plumbing & Heating.

Additional Technical Services


Heat Merchants can provide a commissioning service for products used in the design of the building’s mechanical services. The Building Regulations require that the heating and hot water systems have been adequately commissioned and emphasise the importance of commissioning in creating a heating system that is compliant with the regulations, energy efficient and cost effective. Commissioning refers to the processes of bringing the systems into operation; their regulation; the setting up of associated control systems; plus the recording of the final settings and the final system performance. There are additional charges for these services.

Ancillary Certification

Heat Merchants will provide ancillary certification for the mechanical services specified. This is a compliance requirement to certify that the mechanical services in the dwelling meets building regulations and is in compliance with the original design.

Installer Training & Technical Support

Heat Merchants will provide training, technical support and after sales service for installers of any of the products adopted in the design of the dwelling.

Heat Pumps Retrofit into Existing Homes

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Let us know if you would like to find out more about our technical services or you would like to join our installer training sessions