TEGERA® 8800 Infinity Size 8 Safety Gloves (Pair)

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Size 8 Synthetic glove, Nitrile, Palm-dipped, Nylon, 15 gg, Spandex, Smooth finish, Cat. II, Black, yellow, Withstands contact heat up to 100°C, DMF (DMFa) free, for precision work
• Anatomically designed, approved for handling foodstuffs, withstands contact heat up to 100°c
Prevents risk of:
• Scratches, lacerations, blisters, grazes, drying out, chapping, contact with oil and fat, contact with dirt, abrasion injuries
Primary environments of use:
• Dirty environments, dry environments, moist environments;
Primary industries of use:
• Facilities, machinery and equipment, mro, automotive, transportation, utilities, building and construction, logistics, service, retail
Primary areas of use:
• Airport work, repair work, shop work, warehouse work, installation work, hvac installation, engineering, transport work, machine driving, service work, machine operating, fine assembly
Type of work:
• Light weight
More Information
Manufacturer Part Code8800 / 08
Product TypeGloves

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