Dear Customer,

RE: Brexit - Product Price Implications

As you will be aware Britain will exit the EU in January and we expect that this will impact prices from many of our suppliers. There is considerable uncertainty regarding potential tariffs that may be imposed and also increased production and logistical costs that may arise and result in price increases.

While we endeavour to give adequate notice of pending price changes from our suppliers, the circumstances surrounding Brexit mean that price increases may come into effect in January. However as a result of the lack of clarity we are unable to specify what these changes are at this time. Please consider possible materials increases when tendering projects for the period post Brexit.

We have been working to increase stock levels as we try to avoid any disruption in supply and will work with suppliers on pricing over the coming weeks and we will communicate further when we have more information.

Please note price change notifications are posted on our website and are available from our branches.

If you have any queries please contact your local branch manager or sales representative.

Best Regards


Mark Walker

Sales Director, Heat Merchants

090 6424000