Worcester Bosch 87172010520 Transformer

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Product Code
793210 Is Compatible With The Following Models

• 24 FSN-GB(7736900097)
• 25CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713231664)
• 25CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713231666)
• 25CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713231695)
• 27CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331022)
• 27CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331021)
• 28 FSN-GB(7736900098)
• 28I JUNIOR COMBI LPG(7716130147)
• 30CDI NEW EMS COMBI LPG(7713331024)
• 30CDI NEW EMS COMBI NG(7713331023)
• 30CDI OLD EMS COMBI LPG(7713331010)
• 30CDI OLD EMS COMBI NG(7713331007)
• 30CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713331001)
• 30CDi Classic Reg LPG(7712331891)
• 30CDi Classic Sys LPG(7712331888)
• 30CDi Classic Sys(7712331893)
• 30CDi(7712331895)
• 35CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331011)
• 35CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331008)
• 35CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713331002)
• 37CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331018)
• 37CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331017)
• 40CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331012)
• 40CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331009)
• 40CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713331003)
• 40CDi Classic Reg LPG(7712331890)
• 40CDi(7712231636)
• 42CDi Classic LPG(7713331020)
• 42CDi Classic(7713331019)
• 430/i(7712331892)
• 430/i(7712331889)
• 440CDi NG(7715330041)
• 440CDi LPG(7715330053)
• 532/I COMBI LPG(7713331013)
• 532/I COMBI NG(7713331005)
• 537/I COMBI LPG(7713331014)
• 537/I COMBI NG(7713331004)
• 542/i COMBI LPG(7713331015)
• 542/i COMBI NG(7713331006)
• 550CDi LPG(7715330052)
• 550CDi NG(7715330040)
• FS 30CDi REGULAR ErP LPG(7731600103)
• FS 30CDi Regular ErP(7731600102)
• FS 42CDi REGULAR ErP(7731600104)
• FS 42CDi Regular ErP(7715430441)
• FS 42CDi Regular ErP LPG(7731600105)
• FS 42CDi Regular ErP LPG(7715430451)
• FS30CDi REGULAR ErP(7715430442)
• FS30CDi REGULAR ErP LPG(7715430450)
• GREENSTAR 12I SYSTEM LPG(7716130150)
• GREENSTAR 12I SYSTEM NG(7716130143)
• GREENSTAR 15I SYSTEM LPG(7716130169)
• GREENSTAR 15I SYSTEM NG(7716130168)
• GREENSTAR 18I SYSTEM LPG(7716130171)
• GREENSTAR 18I SYSTEM NG(7716130170)
• GREENSTAR 24I SYSTEM LPG(7716130149)
• GREENSTAR 24I SYSTEM NG(7716130144)
• GREENSTAR 25SI COMBI NG(7716130139)
• GREENSTAR 25SI LPG(7716130146)
• GREENSTAR 30 SI COMBI NG(7716130140)
• GREENSTAR 30SI LPG(7716130145)
• Highflow 440CDi ErP(7731600098)
• Highflow 440CDi ErP(7738100589)
• Highflow 440CDi ErP LPG(7731600099)
• Highflow 440CDi ErP LPG(7738100590)
• Highflow 550CDi ErP(7731600100)
• Highflow 550CDi ErP(7738100591)
• Highflow 550CDi ErP LPG(7738100592)
• Highflow 550CDi ErP LPG(7731600101)
More Information
BrandWorcester Bosch
Manufacturer Part Code87172010520
Product TypeIgnition Components, Electrodes & Leads
Gas Council NumberH31865


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