Worcester Bosch 87182252430 Gas Valve Kit

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V03197 Is Compatible With The Following Models
• 25CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713231664)(• 25CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713231666)(• 25CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713231695)(• 27CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331022)(• 27CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331021)(• 30CDI NEW EMS COMBI LPG(7713331024)(• 30CDI NEW EMS COMBI NG(7713331023)(• 30CDI OLD EMS COMBI LPG(7713331010)(• 30CDI OLD EMS COMBI NG(7713331007)(• 30CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713331001)(• 30CDi Classic Reg LPG(7712331891)(• 30CDi Classic Sys LPG(7712331888)(• 30CDi Classic Sys(7712331893)(• 30CDi(7712331895)(• 35CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331011)(• 35CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331008)(• 35CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713331002)(• 37CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331018)(• 37CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331017)(• 40CDI EMS COMBI LPG(7713331012)(• 40CDI EMS COMBI NG(7713331009)(• 40CDI PRE EMS COMBI NG(7713331003)(• 40CDi Classic Reg LPG(7712331890)(• 40CDi(7712231636)(• 42CDi Classic LPG(7713331020)(• 42CDi Classic(7713331019)(• 430/i(7712331892)(• 430/i(7712331889)(• 532/I COMBI LPG(7713331013)(• 532/I COMBI NG(7713331005)(• 535/i(7738100220)
• 535/i LPG(7738100221)
• 537/I COMBI LPG(7713331014)(• 537/I COMBI NG(7713331004)(• 539/i(7738100224)
• 539/i LPG(7738100225)
• 542/i COMBI LPG(7713331015)(• 542/i COMBI NG(7713331006)(
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BrandWorcester Bosch
Manufacturer Part Code87182252430
Product TypeGas Valve
Gas Council Number723137