Worcester Bosch 87161203450 Flame Sensor with Harness

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Product Code
480526 Is Compatible With The Following Models
• 15SBI-FSN-GB NAT GAS SYSTEM BO(7716130046)
• 24CDI-BSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130012)
• 24CDI-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130122)
• 24CDI-FSP-GB LPG COMBI(7716130123)
• 24CDI-OSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130127)
• 24CDI-OSP-GB LPG COMBI(7716130128)
• 24I JUNIOR-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMB(7716130133)
• 24I JUNIOR-FSP-GB LPG COMBI(7716130134)
• 24I-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130124)
• 24I-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130007)
• 24SBI-FSN-GB NAT GAS SYSTEM BO(7716130047)
• 26CDi XTRA-GB LPG(7716130043)
• 26CDi XTRA-GB NAT(7716130042)
• 28CDI - FSP - GB LPG COMBI(7716130131)
• 28CDI-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130103)
• 28I JUNIOR-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMB(7716130135)
• 28I JUNIOR-FSP-GB LPG COMBI(7716130136)
• 28I-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130050)
• 35CDI II-FSN-GB NAT GAS COMBI(7716130105)
• 35CDI II-FSP-GB LPG COMBI(7716130108)
More Information
BrandWorcester Bosch
Manufacturer Part Code87161203450
Product TypeFlow Switch and Sensors
Gas Council NumberE01612