Why Choose Heat Merchants

Heat Merchants is proud to have been recognised as Overall Merchant of the Year in the Plumbing and Heating Awards 2021 and a Deloitte Best Managed company for the last 6 years having received the Deloitte Gold Standard for Best Managed Company in 2021.


In addition to suppying an extensive product portfolio in the heating, plumbing, renewable energy and bathrooms categories Heat Merchants also provide expertise and a full range of support services to assist our customers.


  • Technical Design
  • Commissioning
  • Ancillary Certification
  • Technical Support
  • After Sales Service
  • Warranty Support
  • Installer Training
  • Estimation Service
  • Expert Advice
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • SEAI Grant Application Guidance

Customer Support Centre is available to offer back up support to our customers and are available on 090 6442300.

Technical Design

The Technical Services team can provide a complete design for heating and hot water, plumbing, mechanical ventilation and drainage for any new build or retrofit domestic projects.

All designs are supported by professional indemnity insurance which offers a guarantee that systems will perform as intended when installed in accordance with our design.

System design can include:

  1. Heating & Hot Water Services
  2. Plumbing Systems
  3. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery
  4. Solar Energy
  5. Above Ground Drainage

Contact your local branch for more details or contact us.