Aquarea 300/70 Heat Pump Cylinder & Buffer

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The Aquarea Duo product is an unvented cylinder and buffer tank combined in one case. It has been specifically designed to work with a heat pump source of heat.
The 70 litre buffer tank lowers the number of times the heat pump needs to switch on and off. This extends the life of the compressor in the heat pump. It also enables a constant flow rate to be maintained through the heat pump heat exchanged which promotes its efficient operation.
The buffer is fixed above the 300 litre hot water cylinder. The hot water cylinder include a 3m2 highly efficient multi-pass corrugated stainless steel heat exchanger, and an immersion heater for backup and sterilisation purposes. The multi pass arrangement of the coil enables high flow rates to be passed through it with low pressure losses. The immersion heater is usually controlled by the heat pump control system which determines when it needs to run based upon the parameters selected by the commissioning engineer.
The product is supplied with; a full divert 3 port valve as the energy cut off and the PTRV which will prevent any overheating of the DHW cylinder; and the usual inlet control group and expansion cylinder components required for unvented systems.
More Information
Manufacturer Part CodePANPLU300HPDUO
Product TypeCylinders & Buffers
Capacity300 L

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