AQUABION® Limescale Treatment

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AQUABION is the environmentally-friendly, ION active anode, water treatment system. It neutralises aggressive waterborne Limescale by using active sacrificial Zinc anodes.

Simple for the plumber to install and NO MAINTENANCE required, AQUABION gives major cost savings over it’s lifetime in comparison to conventional salt based water softeners, saving up to 20% on energy and water, and both protects and maintains all drinking water pipes. Unlike cheaper magnetic and electrolytic alternatives, AQUABION is actually proven to work, with over 10 years of scientific studies and customer endorsements available to back this up.

AQUABION protects fittings, boilers, washing-machines, dishwashers and kettles etc. without stripping vital minerals from the drinking water, unlike salt-based water softeners.

Manufactured in Germany and fully patented tested and approved, AQUABION is guaranteed for 5 years(S-20 & S-15 models) with an average lifespan of 7 years
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Manufacturer Part CodeWTABS15
Product TypeScale Reducer