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Condexa Pro

The Condexa Pro is Vokèra by Riello’s range of condensing light commercial boilers. Fully modulating condensing boilers. 8 models offer versatile standalone and cascading solutions to meet commercial building demands. The Condexa Pro is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, including churches, schools, offices, hotels and many more. The flexible nature of the Condexa Pro, means it can easily integrate with renewable solutions to maximise energy savings.


  • 35kW
  • 50kW
  • 57 kW
  • 70kW
  • 90kW
  • 100kW
  • 115kW
  • 135kW


  • Up to 1.1 MW



  • New condensing heat exchanger in stainless steel
  • Complete pre-mix combustion and low NOx emissions: Class 6 (EN 15502)
  • Possibility to cascade up to 1120kW (using the embedded ‘Managing/Dependant’ control logic)
  • Thanks to our embedded ‘Managing/Dependant’ control logic, any boiler can be configured either as the ‘Managing’ or as a ‘Dependant’ boiler within the cascade (same product code)
  • Built-in thermoregulation with external probe supplied as standard
  • Possibility to combine Condexa Pro boilers in linear or back-to-back cascade applications
  • Possibility to use either low energy pumps (also Δt logic) or 2-way valves on the primary circuit
  • Modulating and modular power regulation
  • Automatic burner ignition sequence reversal (at adjustable steps)
  • Simultaneous control of two different circuits: DHW tank and high temperature
  • Management of up to 16 zones through an optional kit
  • Automatic summer/winter switch-over
  • ‘Anti-legionella’ function as standard
  • Suitable for remote control management (0-10V input or Modbus) via optional kit
  • Availability of a wide range of accessories and flue options for complete configurations
  • Can be converted to LPG through LPG kit supplied as standard
  • Multi cascade configurations possible


Condexa Cascade

Vokèra has developed a clever frame for the cascade (or standalone) installations of Condexa Pro. According to the space requirements of the customer, the robust

painted zinc coated steel frame allows for wall hung, linear free standing and back to back free standing installation. Cascade Outputs up to 1.1 MW