Underfloor Heating

Heat Merchants can design and supply underfloor heating systems to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our expertise lies in project planning and our team of design engineers, CAD technicians and system specialists will design a quality system which will provide maximum efficiency and comfort for any new build or retrofit.

Underfloor heating works efficiently with all heat sources but is particularity suitable for use with lower temperature water from heat pumps. Comfort is a key benefit of underfloor heating which can provide for individual or multiple room temperature control and provides a uniform temperature throughout the room. It also assists in elimination of moisture and damp, reduces dust mites and allergens and increases room space by eliminating the need for radiators.

Polycomfort Mat Panel (Wet) System

This mat panel system can accomodate 14x2 or 16x2mm pipe and can easily be adapted to any size and geometry of room. Ths user friendly contour of the panel and overlapping press stud system allows for a fast, secure and effficient install of the underfloor heat piping.

It meets all standard acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, thermal performance and fire protection requirments. Suitable for use with cement self-levelling and this-bed screed.

Tube Holding Bar Rail (Wet) System

Under floor heating pipe is secured to the subfloor in a predetermined piping pattern prior to pouring of the screed. Initially the floor is covered with insulation sheeting and the rail holding bars are placed at approximately 1m intervals on top of the insulation. The rail and other sections of the piping are held in place through the use of staples. As with Polycomfort this system is suitable for use with cement, self-leveling and thin-bed screed.


Heatrack Wooden Panel (Dry) System

This patented concrete free underfloor heating system features 1.22m long 12mm thick panels backed with aluminium. They are neat, fast and easy to install and are ideal for new builds and retrofit applications as they can work with all floor surfaces. Heatrack responds to temperature change quicker than concrete, uses lower temperature water and has reduced energy costs in comparison to other underfloor heating systems.