Thermal Stores

A thermal store with domestic hot water coil is ideal for use with a heat pump or solar system as it provides an alternate solution to the requirement for stored hot water to be heated to a temperature of at least 60oC for 10 minutes once a day, to eliminate the risk of Legionella and other bacteria.

Water in the thermal store is heated to a temperature of 50°C by the heat pump or solar system, however this water is not used directly, water from the mains supply is heated as it is diverted via a high-performance coil inside the thermal store. As domestic water is not stored and kept separate from the water in the thermal store, germs from the cylinder are prevented from being introduced into the domestic hot water system, avoiding the hygiene problems which would require the low temperature water directly from the heat pump to be heated to 60oC by a secondary energy source.

The Kingspan 540 litre thermal store has a domestic hot water capacity of 420 litres per hour at 50oC. The thermal store also allows the system to recover quickly and easily as there is a large volume of water stored at 50oC. Typically domestic hot water is given priority in the heating system and when the temperature in the thermal store drops the flow from the heat pump or solar source is diverted from under-floor heating and the system is dedicated to restoring the temperature of the thermal store and domestic hot water. The under-floor system stores heat energy for a long period of time, so the space heating is not compromised while the heat pump is dedicated to hot water production.

This solution maintains the efficiency of the heat pump keeping energy consumption and costs to a minimum.

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