Tapes & Glues

Powerflow Flux

Powerflow Flux
  • Well established safe product
  • Self cleaning
  • Effective soldering flux
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for both lead containing and lead-free solder alloys
  • Available in 100g and 350g

Hemp / PTFE

PVC Glues


  • Quick, low viscosity rigid PVC cement.
  • Field of application
  • For joining pipes, sleeves and fittings with press fit in pressurised and drain systems.
  • Suitable for diameters ≤ 160 mm (pressure ≤ 90 mm).
  • Max. 16 bar (PN 16). Maximum tolerance 0.3 mm diametrical clearance / 0.2 mm press fit.
  • Suitable for pipe systems conforming to EN1329, 1452, 1453 and 1455.
  • Bottle with pipe brush 1 L


  • Lubricant for pipe systems with rubber sleeve connections.
  • Field of application
  • For fitting pipes, sockets and fittings with rubber sleeve (sliding socket) connections in drainage systems.
  • Suitable for all diameters.
  • Suitable for PVC-U, ABS, PE, PP, GRP, concrete and coated cast iron.
  • Tub 700g

PE Cleaner Wipes

PE Cleaner Wipes
  • Cleaning wipes for PE, PP, PVDF and PB
  • Dispenser 100 Piece(s)
  • For cleaning and degreasing PE, PP, PVDF and PB pipes, sockets and fittings before welding.
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