Reduce Water Consumption

The introduction of new water conservation features will be a key element of all new build and renovations for both the domestic and commercial sectors. The average house hold uses 150 litre per person per day, toilet flushing accounts for approx 30% of this while clothes washing & outdoor use can account for another 20%.

Simple things like fixing leaks, taking shorter showers, only washing full laundry or dishwasher loads and not running the tap while you brush your teeth are among the ways in which a householder can save water. Our range of low flow 4/2.6 litre cisterns will reduce water waste and our rainwater harvesting solutions can provide non potable filtered water which is ideal for washing clothes, gardening and toilet flushing.

Your local branch will advise you on the best water saving solutions for your home.

Teddington CombiSave - Reduces water consumption when using a Combi Boiler

With the recent extensive coverage of water metering we are all looking at ways to reduce water usage. Tests show that a combi-boiler can waste the first 10 litres of water between the time the hot tap is turned on and the water running hot. Meanwhile, excess gas is burnt and water is wasted. As a solution to reduce this waste Heat Merchants are launching the Teddington CombiSave!

The CombiSave is a product which is suitable to be installed on the domestic hot water outlet of the vast majority of combination boilers. When the hot tap is turned on the CombiSave will reduce the flow of water until it has reached the set temperature. At which point, the valve will open fully and allow the hot water to flow freely to the tap. For further information please contact your local branch


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