Q Cells Panels

Q CELLS offers a wide-ranging product portfolio - from solar modules and cells to complete systems for private, industrial and commercial rooftop installations, and up to turn-key solar power plants.

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Q CELLs panels are developed and tested at the headquarters for technology and innovation in Germany until they are ready for serial production. They are then manufactured at international production locations.

  • German Engineering from Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.
  • Guaranteed quality with an outstandingly low rate of module degradation through a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Is the first manufacturer of solar modules to participate successfully in the Quality Tested programme of the VDE German independent certification institute. For the for the first time, periodic testing is now required.
  • Operates the largest technology and module test centre in the industry, as well as its own VDE-certified testing laboratory.
  • Tests its products under extreme climate conditions, such as tropical humidity, desert heat, and arctic cold.

Q Cells Modules

Q CELLS modules combine an exclusive black design with a higher yield per unit area which utilises higher power ratings to reach outstanding efficiency levels of up to 17.1%. Thanks to Q.ANTUM Technology the modules deliver peak results in all weather conditions and excel in both low irradiation and high temperatures. A new lightweight, high-tech frame ensures lower logistical costs and provides optimum security for high wind and snow loads and are ready to withstand the toughest conditions – worldwide.

Improved power yield, excellent reliability, and high level operational safety ensure Q CELLs G4 modules generate electricity at a low cost (LCOE) and are suitable for a wide range of applications including commercial and industrial rooftop installations and private rooftop installations.


Features & Benefits

  • 98 % nominal performance in low light (200 W/m²)
  • High safety due to ammonia-resistant junction box and robust connectors
  • Excellent stability: tested for wind loads up to 4000 Pa and snow loads up to 5400 Pa
  • Up to 10 % reduction in logistics and storage costs as compared to the G3 generation
  • Optimised design with 32 mm frame height
  • Easy to install, weighs just 18.8 kg
  • The cells and the frames shine in stylish black, matching even the highest architectural standards of modern elegance and design
  • Reduced frame edge avoids moss and dirt build-up
  • 32 mm high-tech frame for wind and snow loads up to 4000/5400 Pa (IEC)
  • High-quality, anti-reflection technology processed via the sol-gel roller coating method for higher yields, homogeneity and long-time stability
  • Optimised, even cell spacing improves performance and avoids microfractures
  • Optimised junction box design for increased energy yields and corrosion protection
  • High power classes with positive sorting for low levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) and high reverse current resistance
  • Reliable silicone connection for excellent stability and durability
  • Optimally positioned, large drainage holes protect against frost damage
  • Robust connecting plug, inter mateable with MC4
  • High-quality reverse side for permanent sealing
  • Anti-PID Technology (APT) against power loss through potential-induced degradation
  • Hot-Spot Protect to protect against module fire
  • Tra.QTM laser identification for added protection against counterfeiting


Q.ANTUM takes sophisticated and cost-effective crystalline silicon technology and optimises it to offer you the very best price performance ratio. The combination of high efficiency, high performance classes and maximum yields at optimum conditions guarantees that you'll profit from your business with the sun.

LCOE stands for “levelised cost of electricity” and refers to the actual cost of generating electricity. What is unique is that LCOE takes into account all the costs that are often overlooked. Naturally, higher performance and output have a positive effect on the LCOE. Low installation costs help keep the figure low while outages caused by PID or hotspots for example increase it. The bottom line is: LCOE is what counts for your customers. And this is precisely where Q.ANTUM proves its strengths with outstanding performance values, low installation costs and a comprehensive long-term warranty. Q.ANTUM: the perfect overall package to ensure competitively low LCOE.

Higher performance classes

Thanks to Q.ANTUM technology, Q CELLS solar modules offer more power per surface, resulting in higher yields at lower BOS costs. (The balance of system (BOS) encompasses all components of a photovoltaic system other than the photovoltaic panels. This can include wiring, switches, a mounting system, solar inverters, and other optional components)

Temperature coefficient

Even on hot days, Q CELLS solar modules produce reliable yields and lose less efficiency than standard solar modules.

Low-light behaviour

High yields with low radiation intensity, for example, during sunrise and sunset and on cloudy days, but also in autumn and winter when the sun is flat over the horizon.

Optimised Design

Don't maximize, optimize: The rear surfaces of Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror. Rays of sunlight that would otherwise go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. This enhances the electrical properties, considerably increasing the efficiency.

Quality Tests - View Brochure

Many manufacturers promise excellence but only Q CELLS can guarantee it. In addition to its own extremely strict quality criteria, in collaboration with independent test institutes such as the VDE or Fraunhofer Institute, Q CELLS has developed several test procedures that more accurately reflect everyday demands. These tests are far more challenging and tougher to pass than international standards such as the IEC

Yield Security

Since 2011, Q CELLS Yield Security has been the guarantee for the reliability of our products. It combines guaranteed PID resistance, security against hot spots, and protection against the counterfeiting of our company's products.

One-time certification tests

International initial certification tests, for example, in accordance with IEC, CSA/UL,MCS, JET and Kemco. These guarantee that the electrical safety of the modules and the safety of its construction comply with international standards.

VDE quality tested

The VDE Quality Tested Programme exceeds the initial certification testing. In addition, quarterly re-testing guarantees consistent quality and product testing at all times.

Q CELLS quality program

Q CELLS internal quality program ensures that all products meet our company's high standards on a daily basis.