PURAK Magnetic Limestone Protection eliminates the problems of calcium carbonate in the water without adding chemicals or salts to the water. It reduces the need for maintenance and extending the lifespan of devices. Options are available to suit flow rates from 8 – 750 litres per minute.

Limestone is the greatest enemy of boilers and of all pipes in which water flows: washing machines, dishwashers, taps, because limestone blocks the tubes and creates generally known inconveniences. It settles down on all inner surfaces and causes damage to connected devices.


Immediate advantages:

  • Prevents the formation of limestone deposits regardless of the degree of purity of the water;
  • Fulfills the role of a magnetic screen that protects the water from ferrous impurities;
  • Does not change the chemical nature of the water;
  • Does not require any technical maintenance;
  • Does not require any chemical additives or salts;
  • Reduces the need of technical inspections and;
  • Reduces the need for technical maintenance and extends the life of connected devices;
  • Does not cause pressure losses;
  • Protects the environment - no use of chemicals;
  • Can be used versatile: from domestic to professional, industrial and sanitary area, easy!

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Range of applications:

Civil - Houses and apartments, household appliances, wall boilers, gardens and pools.

Commercial - Dryers, sports facilities, car washes, hairdressers and beauty salons, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Industrial - Food industry, tanning industry, plastic and chemical industries, plants with steam production, cooling towers, etc.


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