Prime Hybird Energy

Battery storage solutions will ensure you maximise the return on your investment in Solar Photovoltaic by storing surplus energy generated during the day making it available for use when demand increases at any time of the day or night. Battery storage reduces reliance on grid electrical consumption, reducing costs and risk of increasing energy prices, it provides protection from power cuts and as locally produced electricity is most efficient it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.



Prime Hybrid Energy provide an intermediate energy storage solution which increases direct consumption of harvested solar power. The system is smart and able to manage on-site demand to allow you to utilise as much renewable energy from your Solar Photovolatic system as is available. The Prime Hybrid Energy System consists of a smart inverter and a modular 2.5kWh battery which can be connected in an array of up to four batteries. The system operates in three modes with preferences which can be set via the easy to use software.


Daytime Mode

When the Solar PV array produces sufficient power to cover the base load demand the excess will be used to charge the battery storage system. If the PV output is reduced by clouds or when demand is high and there is no surplus PV power available, battery charging will stop. Insufficient PV power will be supplemented by the electricity stored in the system or imported from the grid. If the battery is fully charged the system can use the energy to switch on other areas such as to heat water or if applicable to feed into the grid.


Night Time Mode / On Peak Evening

This stored energy will be discharged at night or when demand increases and will refill if necessary at the cheapest rate or wait until the next PV generation (this can be set via the software). When the battery is depleted automatic switching will occur and grid power will be used.


Emergency Back Up and Island Mode

There is a backup power system available for use when there is a power cut, this is a separate system due to G59/G83 regulations and is designed to operate completely independent to the grid tied output. The system has the ability to be a stand alone system in island mode however it cannot be used for off grid applications.


Dual Smart Meter

The Dual Smart Meter will help you to see exactly what energy you are using and can help you to make better choices and start saving money. It measures and reports on import, export, generation, consumption.


My Energy Cloud

The My Energy Cloud smart monitoring portal provides users with a 5 tier platform, remote access for charge and discharge, remote controllable BMS, real-time monitoring, control over assets, system analysis and technical diagnostic reports, active and reactive power management, technical backup and support.


A Better Battery Solution Lithium ion batteries are lighter and more compact, have a longer lifespan and operate with much lower resistance and consequently recharge at a faster rate than lead acid batteries. LifeP04 provides twice the battery capacity in the same amount of space and with operating ranges from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, LifePO4 batteries handle far wider variations in temperature. This is a modular solution which allows you to connect up to 4 batteries together using the provided cables.


Technical Features

  • Higher energy density than standard lithium cells
  • 25MWh Warranted Throughput (5kWh Battery Pack)
  • Dual BMS for accurate control
  • Safe and reliable
  • 2500W charge rate / 2500W discharge rate
  • Supplied with Intelligent BMS
  • Core temperatures will not exceed 50˚c
  • Can be charged via A/C or D/C
  • Remote control output
  • 33kg per unit (2.5kWh pack)
  • Complete plug and play system


The Prime Hybrid Inverter charges fast on demand, discharges on demand at a maximum of 2500w and comes complete with smart technology which allows you to set preferences through the user-friendly web portal and then the intelligent control unit will choose whether generated energy should be stored, consumed, or topped up from the grid, whichever will prove most cost effective. It is future-proofed design as when integrated with a smart meter, it can share stored energy to the grid at peak times.


Technical Features

  • 3.6kW/5.0kW Twin MPPT Hybrid Inverter
  • G83/2 Approved, G59/3 Approved
  • 99.5% Efficient
  • Charge Rate of 2.5kW Discharge Rate of 2.5kW
  • Off Peak Charging
  • Export Limitation
  • Grid Shaving
  • Compatible with smart metering devices
  • Supplied With Wi-Fi or Sim Card Module
  • Remote access, support and monitoring