Plugwise is a leading European manufacturer of innovative home energy saving solutions providing a wireless energy management system that provides insight into your total energy consumption and your energy consumption per device so you can easily discover what appliances are heavy consumers or hidden consumers of energy. This clear visibility of your energy use will enable you to minimise wasted energy and save money.

The Plugwise app can be used from your computer, smart-phone or tablet and to measure the energy consumption of your devices, Plugwise uses smart, wireless energy meters at a wall socket level. The app can also be used to switch any device on and off remotely saving energy instantly.

Plugwise is particularly effective when integrated with Solar Photovoltaic systems as it can measure efficiency of the panels and with the remote switching on and off of devices it will allow you to optimise the use of the energy generated when the sun shines.

Plugwise energy monitoring & control systems can help homeowners to save in between 10 and 40 percent on energy.

Plugwise - The creators of Anna

Anna is a self-learning thermostat that regulates the temperature in house. Anna can be operated by adjusting the wall mounted control or by using your smartphone or tablet.

The user can create a daily schedule and Anna adjusts your room temperature. But it doesn’t stop there. Anna learns from your lifestyle and automatically adjusts the program settings. Anna uses ‘geo-fencing’ to determine if you (and/or other occupants of the house) are around. If you choose to Anna switches off when you’re away and switches on when you approach home. Anna knows the weather outside and takes this into account.

How does it work?

Anna uses the OpenTherm and On/Off (max 24V, 1A) protocol. This means that Anna will work with most boilers. You need to have a suitable boiler, a decent WiFi signal and a smartphone or tablet. You can control Anna from everywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

We advise you to have Anna installed by a certified dealer.

Smart Energy Management Systems

If you have solar panels, you are enti tled to free installati on of the smart meter by your network operator. To make optimal use of this meter, Plugwise has an even smarter soluti on; the Smile P1. This is an energy meter you can easily connect to the P1 port of your smart meter using a cable. The Smile P1 sends all current measurement data to the Plugwise app on your smartphone or tablet.

Use the Home Stretch 2.0 Solar or the Strong ES-32 Solar & Plugwise app in combinati on with the Smile P1, and you will see exactly how the yield of your solar panels compares to your total consumption.

Producing your own energy and actually use this energy yourself: the demand for solar panels is increasing, and with it, the demand for systems to measure the self-produced energy. The use of solar panels does not get really interesti ng unti l you know how much energy this actually produces, how much of this energy you are using and how much energy you supply back to the grid. Plugwise provides insight into and control over your solar panels.