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Pichler PKOM4

Key Featuers: Passive House Certified / Up to 130 m2 living area

The Pichler PKOM4 provides four key functions in one ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water on a footprint of less than 0.75 m2. The ventilation systems guarantee that the climate in your room will be both healthy and comfortable, without any draughts. Heat is recovered from extracted air, carbon dioxide and pollutants are removed while pollen, fine dust, pollutants, nuisance insects and noise pollution remain outside.


PKOM4 classic: Version with household hot water

The PKOM4 classic heat pump combi unit is the preferred compact overall solution for passive house construction homes with up to 130m2 living area. The volume of household hot water will comfortably provide for a family of 4. A controlled heat pump will in addition condition the supply air, i.e. heated or cooled on demand. Both heat pumps may be operated in parallel to ensure uninterrupted provision of air and water.


PKOM4 trend: Version without household hot water.

The PKOM4 trend heat pump combi unit is the best alternative to conventional living room ventilation units. The supply air into the living rooms will be cooled and dehumidified during summer and heated in the colder months.


Features & Benefits

  • Passive House Certified achieving the very highest efficiency ratings
  • Suitable for new build projects
  • Operated using touch screen display on the appliance
  • Remote access on-line via the Pichler App
  • Robust powder coated sheet steel casing
  • The heat recovery may also be bypassed by means of a bypass flap
  • Individually adjustable air volumes
  • Automatic summer and winter adjustment
  • Remote access facilitates fault diagnostics
  • Optional CO and humidity sensors for automatic operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low noise with a high level of sound proofing
  • Wide variety of vent designs

Larger Volume Decentralised MVHR

Key Feature: Passive House Certified / Area from 40 to 400 m2

Decentralised supply and exhaust air ventilation with heat recovery for large residential units, individual apartments, offices and similar applications that are designed as passive or low energy structures.

LG 150

Suitable for areas of 40m2 to approx. 120m2, with an adjustable air volume flow up to 150 m3/h (LG 150 A) or up to 200 m3/h for up to 160 m2


Suitable for areas of between 80m2 and approx. 200m2 with an adjustable air flow of up to 250 m3/h

LG 500

Suitable for areas of 150m2 to approx. 400m2 with an adjustable air volume flow up to 550 m3/h


Features & Benefits

  • Energy-saving radial fans with DC technology
  • High efficiency counterflow heat exchanger
  • Air volume flow:
  • Outdoor air cartridge filter, quality class F7
  • Extract air cartridge quality class G4
  • EPP-housing with equipment cladding, powder coated in RAL 9010
  • Wall-mounted installation or ceiling-mounted installation options
  • Summer changeover - Integrated 100% bypass flap with seal
  • Passive House Certified by Passivhausinstitut Darmstadt

KomFlex Air Distribution Systems

Pichler Luft also manufacture the efficient air distribution system - KomFlex round and oval to enable flexible cleaner air distribution throughout the entire building.

The Komflex air distribution system has hygiene certification.