The Saniflo macerator pump unit fits unobtrusively behind the WC. You may choose any make or colour of WC suite (BS EN 33 or 37 Horizontal Outlet) you want to suit your decorative scheme. When the WC is flushed the unit automatically activates to pump waste horizontally to a remote soil pipe up to 50 metres away. Saniflo will also discharge vertically up to 4 metres maximum, or a lesser combination of vertical and horizontal pipe run.


SOLOLIFT is a unique range of compact lifting stations which collect wastewater of domestic sanitary appliances and pump the wastewater through a thin pipe to the next collecting pipe with downward slope

SOLOLIFT has been engineered according to the needs of professionals – having high reliability and easy maintenance in mind. It is the most service-friendly domestic macerator on the market. Its integrated lift-out pump unit enables fast and clean maintenance and repair.