Hot Water Storage - Kingspan

Aerocyl Unvented Copper Cylinders For Heat Pump & Solar Input

Aerocyl is the new unvented copper hot water storage system from Kingspan Environmental. Manufactured from high grade copper for excellent corrosion resistance and encased in a tough rustproof stove enamelled white casing for easy cleaning.

The energy efficient and environmentally friendly foam insulation offers minimal heat loss and at 2.1 bar operation these units meet all modern criteria for fast flow applications.

Aerocyl Buffer Tanks

Aerocyl buffer tank is integrated into the space heating system when additional volume of hot water is required to provide smoother and uninterrupted operation of a heat pump and prevent the radiators or underfloor heating from cooling during the heat pump defrost cycle.

They are available for both open vented and sealed systems in a range of capacities to suit different size heat pumps available in the Ireland.

Albion Ultrasteel Unvented Cylinders

Albion Ultrasteel unvented cylinders are manufactured from Duplex stainless steel, featuring superior corrosion resistance. Albion Ultrasteel provide fast and safe mains pressure and offer high flow rates for powerful showers and fast filling baths. At 3 bar operation they meet all modern criteria for fast flow applications which makes them suitable for use in buildings with multiple bathrooms. They offer fast reheat times and minimal heat loss from the stored water.

The range comprises Direct and Indirect models in a variety of sizes, as well as solar units to use with renewable energy sources.

Range Stainless Vented Cylinders

Range Stainless Vented cylinders are manufactured from Duplex Stainless steel featuring superior corrosion resistance and finished in a durable oven hardened white paint finish.

They offer minimal heat loss and are available in Indirect and Direct options for use on an open vented system with a maximum static head of 40 metres. Solar units to use with renewable energy sources are also available.



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