Heat Interface Units - Heatrae

Hi-Max Instant ID

Key Features: Compact, Light Weight, Easy Access, Single & Dual Zone

The Hi-Max Instant ID heat interface units are designed to provide both central heating and domestic hot water to dwellings which are served by either a district heating scheme or a centralised boiler system. Comprising two plate heat exchangers - one for the hot water, and one for the heating system - the Hi-Max Instant ID is designed to ensure that the primary return temperatures going back to the district heating system are low, helping the central zero or low carbon technology to operate highly efficiently.


Features & Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight design in insulated powder coated steelcasing
  • No need for boiler flues and no annual gas safety checks or servicing required
  • Suitable for single and dual zone heating systems
  • Fully modulating pressure independent flow control technology for automatic balancing and fine temperature control
  • Pulsed bypass pre-heat function to improve the response time to demand
  • Scale reducing feature taking heat away from the hot water plate heat exchanger when there is no hot water demand
  • DHW & heating plate heat exchangers provide a pressure break to both systems
  • 8 litre central heating expansion vessel
  • First fix rail with in-built isolation valves and safety valve discharge connection
  • Stand-off assemblies for various connection positions from above or below
  • Plug and play approach to commissioning
  • Automatic fault diagnostics
  • Access to all components for ease of maintenance & inspection
  • Tenants assembly incorporating cold water supply isolation valve and metering
  • pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge
  • Concealed casing fixing screws to deter unauthorised access inside the unit
  • Central heating programmable room thermostat central heating zone valve
  • Provision for a heat meter of your choice - spool piece fitted - 3/4" BSP x 110mm

Heat Meter Options

  • Open protocol ultrasonic heat meter with a choice of wired or wireless M-Bus output with 11 year battery life
  • Data collector for wired and wireless M-Bus meters
  • Two pulsed inputs allowing for additional meters (e.g. cold water)
  • Other network options are available from selected partners