Hot Water System - Twin

Harlequin have launched the innovative new HeatStream Hot Water System for domestic water heating & storage.

A heat storage tank which produces mains pressurised hot water effectively replacing traditional vented, unvented hot water storage cylinders or thermal stores. The harlequin HeatStream is designed with a large surface area heat transfer coil on both the heat up and draw off components. This simple system allows the heat transfer fluid to be enclosed within the most suitable material, long lasting heat durable polypropylene and designed in the most convenient shape for both the installer and consumer.

The Harlequin HeatStream comes in a range of sizes, from 150 litres to 250 litre capacities which can fulfil any heat requirement. Its space saving square shape with a footprint of 520mm is a real benefit for those applications where space is at a premium.

A complete range of functionality is guaranteed, with a range of 8 products compatible with electric, oil, gas and solar thermal heat sources.


Key Features

  • Safe, quick & easy installation
  • Produces mains pressurised hot water on demand
  • Low heat loss due to high levels of insulation (entire range is B-rated for energy efficiency)
  • No pressure test cert required to install the system
  • Heat transfer fluid is enclosed in the most suitable material – long lasting, non-corrosive heat durable polypropylene
  • Square footprint – more convenient shape and can easily fit through a standard door
  • Compatible with electric, oil, gas, solar thermal heat sources. Twin range accommodates multiple heat sources including solar thermal
  • Top positioned Premium Boost Immersion for Ultrafast Heat up
  • Variable thermostatic mixing valve which can prevent water exceeding 45 deg C at outlets

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