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Commercial Pumps

Grundfos offers a complete range of modern, energy-efficient and low-maintenance pumps which offer greater comfort, flexibility and control while lowering costs. Grundfos offer every kind of pump you will ever need to include in a heating system – with models capable of handling flows up to 4,000 m3/h. Every product is produced with long-term savings in mind - because quality pays off.

The Heat Merchants technical team partner with Grundfos to offer system know-how that can help create the best, most efficient designs for your building project using the range of high efficiency pumps.


Features & Benefits

  • AUTOADAPT: The pump analyses the heating system demands and find the optimum setting, adjusting its operation to deal with changing system demands.
  • FLOWLIMIT: Facility to limit maximum flow so there is no need therefore to use a balancing valve on the main flow and return pipe. 
  • FLOWADAPT: this combines the benefits of FLOWLIMIT and AUTOADAPT
  • Built-in heat energy meter which can help identify poor system balance and potential problems with system controls.
  • Low energy consumption
  • The extended range offers a maximum head of 18m and maximum flow of 70m3/h (140 m3/h for twin head models), and a 6 to 16 bar system pressure.
  • These pumps are designed to handle liquids down to -10°C which makes them suitable for both tough industrial tasks and ground source heat systems. As the liquid temperature (-10°C to +110°C) is now independent of the ambient temperature (0°C to +40°C) ensuring the MAGNA3 will be a perfect fit regardless if your project requires heating or cooling
  • Multi pump function
  • External control and monitoring enabled via add-on modules
  • Intuitive push button control & user interface

Individual Outputs:

  • Maximum head of 18
  • Maximum flow 70m3/h - 140 m3/h for twin head
  • 6, 10 & 16 bar pressure
  • Liquid temp -10°C to +110°C


Full range of Grudfos Pumps Available at Heat Merchants.