Grant Back Boilers

Award winning Grant Ireland have been have been designing and manufacturing reliable and easy to install heating products for over 35 years. Despite the sophisticated technology employed in the development of new products, Grant have kept true to the original concept of simplicity in installation and maintenance, which are essential ingredients of today’s heating systems.

Grant products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed not just to meet, but to exceed all relevant performance and environmental standards.

Features & Benefits: Solid Fuel Back Boiler available in both 16” and 18” options

  • Unique design gives maximum efficiency
  • Heats up to 10 radiatorsBurns most solid fuels
  • Solid fuel boiler for Overnight burning
  • Drop front on Queenstar Fire for more radiant heat
  • Simple cleaning process
  • Fits most standard fireplaces
  • Ideal for link up with oil boilers to utilise a secondary heat source
  • Weekly cleaing is easily carried out with a special tool supplied with the boiler

A back boiler is designed to provide your home with heat and hot water and is a great alternative to a external boiler. Unlike a wall mounted boiler, a back boiler is installed behind your fireplace stove meaning you save valuable space in your home. It heats water in a storage cylinder and despite it’s size it is more than capable of providing your home with all the pressure requirements, heat and hot water that you need.



Grant BackBoiler Brochure

Grant Triple Pass Installation Instructions