Grant for Heat Pump

€3,500 grant for heat pump upgrade announced

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Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Denis Naughten announced new government initiatives to support the introduction of sustainable energy heating solutions to Irish homes. A grant of €3,500 toward the cost of installing an air to water heat pump will be available from April next year.

The grant support combined with the savings in home-heating bills for the installation of a heat pump will be a huge incentive for homeowners to invest in upgrading their heating systems to include this more sustainable solution. The Heat Pump Association of Ireland states that the cost of heating a home and providing hot water with an air to water heat pump for a year is in the region of €1,100.

This is accompanied by an increase in grants payable towards external wall insulation which will increase from €4,500 to €6,000 for a detached house and from €3,400 to €4,500 for a semi-detached or end-of-terrace home. The grant for the installation of heating system controls will also increase from €600 to €700. These measures will further increase the financial incentives for home owners to upgrade to a heat pump.

The announcement also includes a new grant for €600 for the installation of an electric car charger in domestic properties which will be available from January 1st. Solar Photovoltaic systems can be used with or without battery storage options and are an ideal option generate electricity which can be used to power an electric vehicle. Solar PV on roof tops or specifically built car ports could make this a very efficient solution.

This support for upgrading to renewable energy sources has been accompanied by the ban on coal being extended throughout the country and the scrapping of the approx. €100 grant for the upgrade of gas and oil boilers.


Heat Merchants Technical Design Team can specify a Panasonic Heat Pump which will be specifically suited to installation into retrofit projects. This includes the high temperature model which is designed to work with traditional radiators or underfloor heating as it is able to deliver hot water to 65°C with the heat pump alone.

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