Firebird Heating Solutions

A Efficiency Rating

A Efficiency Rating

Firebird has over 35 years manufacturing in the heating industry offering a comprehensive range of quality, high efficiency oil fired boilers. For larger heat demands, all Firebird high efficiency condensing boilers can easily be multi cascaded (modulation) through the Low Loss Header Management System. These cascade units can provide a condensing output of up to 400kW (possibility of up to 600kW) with the ability to reduce overall output down to a ratio of 1:4. This ensures efficiency is maintained even when demand is low. The controller manages the boilers to deliver heat to the Low Loss Header, depending on demand from the Low Loss Header.


Low Loss Header

  • Easy to install - 4 mounting points
  • Rotational to facilitate pipe work
  • Large tapping for larger boilers (can be bushed down as required)
  • Easy accessible draining tap
  • Convenient tapping points for expansion provision

Management Controller

  • Controls up to 4 equal sized boilers (solution available for 5-8 boiler set up)
  • Weather compensation built in.
  • Timed control rotation of master/slave function (10-800hrs)
  • Two button navigation selection
  • Clearly marked electrical connections
  • Easy set up
  • 2 year warranty


Single Boiler Outputs:

  • 12kW 18kW
  • 26kW 35kW
  • 44kW 58kW
  • 73kW 100kW

Cascade Outputs:

  • Up to 600kW