Solar Evacuated Tubes - Firebird

The TZ58-1800 Heat Pipe Solar Collectors offer an optimum performance to price ratio. The tubes are highly efficient due to a round shaped absorber design so that they capture the solar energy throughout the day.

Other features include:

  • High build quality - aluminium manifold design, nickel plated condenser head, borosilicate glass.
  • Manifold can be installed initially and the tubes added later during
    commissioning (avoiding the lifting of heavy items onto the roof).
  • Reinforced mounting kit manufactured to Firebird’s specification.

Firebird’s CPK7210-N Flat Plate Collector is one of the most efficient collectors in the world, with an optical efficiency of 81.8%. One of the unique features of the CPK7210-N is that the collector base is extruded from a single aluminium sheet thus removing the need for welds, joints or glueing at the corners.

Other features include:

  • Glass is a special tempered solar glass.
  • Absorber is constructed from a single sheet of selective Tinox™ selective absorber coating.
  • Heat transfer pipes behind the absorber are ultrasonically welded along the entire length to ensure optimal heat transfer.
  • 50mm of mineral wool insulation.
  • Professional finish.

The CVSKC-10 Vacuum Tube Collector is a U-pipe direct flow evacuated tube, often referred to as a ‘Sydney’ tube. They are amongst the most efficient solar collector designs due to the CPC reflector aluminium plate place behind the tubes. It reflects solar radiation back onto the absorber.
The CVSKC-10 collector offers optimum performance in terms of the installation footprint. Ten
tubes have an incredible aperture area of 1.6m and with a height of only 1.64m, will fit on most restricted roof spaces.

Other features include:

  • Delivered assembled to cut down installation time.
  • Co-axial glass tubes with excellent vacuum ~5 Pascals.
  • Transfer manifold insulated with mineral wool insulation.
  • Light weight construction for ease of handling