Firebird Back Boilers

The Challenger Backboiler can be easily cleaned by lifting off the radiant panel. This allows immediate access to the unique layout of flue-ways. Bearing in mind that 1.5mm soot reduces the efficiency by up to 25%.The Challenger allows balanced performance via the dry-back radiant panel/damper. The panel can rise to a higher temperature than one cooled by water and the increased radiant heat minimises the drop in room-heating when the damper is opened to heat water/radiators.

The Challenger Backboiler is extremely efficient due to three unique design features:

  • Simplified straight-through flue-ways.
  • The tapered shape is designed to extend the flame to cover the complete heat exchanger surfaces (see diagram).
  • Top water tube. This heating tube, positioned horizontally above flue-ways, collects much of the heat which would otherwise be lost into the chimney.
  • Dry-back, lift-off, radiant panel. Can rise to a higher temperature than the normal type cooled by water.

Similar in design to the Challenger, the Supreme Backboiler has a higher output due to the increased number of flueways.


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