Energy Panel

Heat Merchants have partnered with Energy Panel to offer the most advance technology in Thermodynamic Solar Systems for both residential and commercial projects. The Heat Merchants technical design team can guide you through the range of options and work with you to design your heating and hot water system featuring the latest renewable energy technology.

Energy Panel are dedicated to the development and manufacture of thermodynamic solar systems and other high energy efficiency equipment. Their Thermodynamic systems have been manufactured according to a variety of European quality standards and are supported by SEAI, European Heat Pump Association and more.

Thermodynamic Solar Technology

The thermodynamic solar systems use heat pump technology supported by solar energy to generate domestic hot water and heating by capturing solar and environmental energy to heat water in a efficient way, with very low energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

Why thermodynamic solar panels are different?

  • Obtain hot water under any atmospheric condition, functioning at night time as well as in wet or windy weather
  • Works continuously 24 hours a day 365 days per year under all weather conditions
  • Without glass or electrical components
  • Ventilation and de-icing unnecessary
  • Don’t need maintenance or cleaning
  • Dirtiness does not affect the output of the panel

How does Solar Thermodynamic Heat Pump Technology Work?

A refrigerant fluid at low temperature (that could be less than 0ºC) circulates in the interior of the thermodynamic panel. The fluid captures the incidental solar radiation in the panel as well as other environmental energy. The thermodynamic cycle condenser transfers the heat to the water. The ecological refrigerant R134-A or R407C, which enters into the panel at a negative temperature, runs through the closed circuit situated in the interior of the panel. The difference in temperature provoked by external agents such as the sun, rain or the wind guarantees the gasification of the fluid.

The compressor sucks the heated gas and reduces its volume, raising its temperature and transmitting it to the water circuit through a heat exchanger, managing to obtain domestic hot water up to 55 or 65°C. At high pressure and after having transfer a large part of its heat to the condenser, the refrigerant fluid arrives at the expansion valve again in liquid phase. Here the pressure is reduced which means the fluid is in condition to enter into the panels once again. The valve regulates the outflow depending on its temperature. Like this, the refrigerant will be sent again, in the form of micro drops, through the dehydrated copper piping to the panels, where it will be compressed once again, and the cycle will be repeated until the desired temperature is reached.

Energy Panel Advantages

  • Easy installation, low weight only 6.2 kg
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Lacquered steel external casing
  • Large range of capacities
  • Cathodic protection – Correx UP impressed current systems with titanium anode to prevent water corrosion
  • High quality rust-proof materials that ensure a long and reliable life-span
  • Reduced dimensions 1700 x 800 x 25 mm
  • Architectural integration: up to 12 colours on panels

Energy Panel Advantages

  • Ecological gas R134a.
  • Auxiliary electric system reinforced of ceramic resistance for anti-Legionella treatment and thermal support
  • Includes security elements against overpressure and high temperatures
  • Large range of capacities to satisfy any requirement
  • Minimum maintenance required, thanks to its design
  • Equipment tested under European regulations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, NTB, MCS, etc.
  • The best thermal insulation of the market, average of 8cm of Polyurethane, with a maximum heat losses of 40 W/h

Thermboil E –Series

The Thermboil E Series is a heat pump system supported by solar energy capture. It is characterised by its incorporation of a thermodynamic solar panel that generates a high performance thanks to the collection of incidental solar radiation as well as the energy contained in the external environment (air, rain, etc).


Why Choose E Series?

  1. Architectural integration: the panel can be installed in any area: wall, terrace, roof, etc.
  2. It is more efficient than other heat pumps as it harvests solar radiation and external environmental energy supplying a higher performance.
  3. Suitable for new installation or to substitute an electric/gas/oil boiler. High efficiency system that improves the home energy rating.

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Thermboil E & I Series

The Thermboil E+I Series is a unique technology capable of harvesting energy in two ways: combining a thermodynamic solar panel which collects solar radiation and external environmental energy and an inner heat exchanger that extracts energy from indoors. In this way, it assures a continuous output even with low temperatures.


Why Choose E & I Series?

  1. Architectural integration: the panel can be installed in any area: wall, terrace, roof, etc.
  2. Suitable for cold climates: Efficient even at low temperatures because it can capture solar radiation and external / indoors environment energy.
  3. Suitable for a new installation or to substitute an electric/gas boiler. High efficiency system that improves the home energy rating.

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Thermboil I Series

The Thermboil I Series is characterized by incorporating an inner heat exchanger that takes advantage of indoors energy to heat domestic hot water (DHW).


Why Choose I Series?

  1. Easy installation: only requiring hydraulic connections.
  2. Continuous efficiency: extracts th e exceed energy contained in the air from indoors. Its connection allows the air to be vaccumed outside or to cooling interior spaces.
  3. Suitable for new installation or to replace the electric/gas boiler. High efficiency system that improves the home energy rating.

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Thermoboil Wall Hung

The Thermboil Wall-Hung is a heat pump of reduced dimensions designed to be installed on the wall, allowing its architectural integration in places with limited space.

Thermboil Wall-Hung I

Compact wall-hung heat pump that incorporates an inner heat exchanger and a fan that use the energy contained in the air indoors for the production of domestic hot water (DHW).

  • Use the energy of the air.
  • Easy installation, only required connections to DHW.
  • No maintenance
 Thermboil Wall-Hung E

Compact wall heat pump with solar energy capture that incorporates a thermodynamic solar panel that colletcs the energy from solar radiation, as well as the energy contained in air for DHW production.

  • Captures both solar radiation and environmental energy.
  • Easy installation, lightweight panel.
  • Low energy consumption, high performance


Thermboil FX Series

The Thermboil FX is a thermal-thermodynamic system, the result of mixing a thermal solar system with a thermodynamic heat pump. The thermal panel is directly exposed to the sun and receives its energy, transfering it to the water in order to heat it. After transmitting the energy to the water, the thermal fluid still contains energy that the evaporator in the heat pump system takes advantage of.

Why choose FX Series?

  1. Double energy capture: Raises the output of the thermal solar installation, taking advantage of the remaining energy at low temperature as well as extracting the energy from the interior of the house, etc.
  2. Minimum renewable contribution of 90%. The major part of the energy obtained is renewable thanks to the free harvesting of solar radiation and environmental heat. It can be installed in new facilities that demand renewable systems without any other system support.
  3. Huge energy savings in comparison with other systems so you can obtain a reduction in your energy bills, avoiding CO₂ emissions and improving your home energy rating.