Endo Therm

How it works

EndoTherm when added to the bulk water in your heating system will greatly reduce the surface tension of the water. This changes the way bubbles form when the water is heated. No longer will the bubbles be large, lazy and obstructive as they flow through the system; instead they will be small, speedy and offer no obstruction accelerating the heat transfer from the boiler tube into the circulating liquid. The boiler does not need to work as hard to achieve and maintain the required temperature.

  • EndoTherm™ is a unique product on the market delivering unbeatable savings.
  • EndoTherm™ is an energy saving additive for central heating systems.
  • The effects of EndoTherm™ has been independently tested and proven to deliver up to 15% savings on heating costs.
  • EndoTherm™ has been proven to be non-corrosive and cause no damage to heating system components.
  • Easy to install in 10-15 minutes.
  • EndoTherm™ will work in any closed, wet central heating system.


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Endo Therm Brochure