Education Sector

Technical Design & Estimation Service

Heat Merchants have partnered with leading suppliers of heating & plumbing technologies and services to offer a complete solution for educational facilities and buildings of any size and scale. Our Technical Design division can provide a fully indemnified heating & plumbing system design service and will work with your design team to assess the projects requirements and propose the right solution.

Our team have the knowledge and experience to deliver a comprehensive bespoke design for your heating & plumbing system to include full schematics and drawings, which will be in accordance with current regulations and best practices. We can also provide a specialised washroom estimating service with a particular expertise in specifying for commercial projects across multiple sectors including education. This specification and estimation service is designed to make the tendering process faster, easier and more streamlined for contractors and developers.

Firebird Light Commercial Cascading System

Firebird have launched our new Light Commercial Cascading System. This system is for larger heat demands as required by nursing homes, hotels and schools etc. These cascade units can provide a condensing output up to 600 kW with the ability to reduce overall output down to 25%. This ensures efficiency is maintained even when demand is low. The sequencer management system will dictate when boilers come in and out of operation (Between 10 - 800 hrs). The system also allows for the facility of even running times and thereby increases the working life of the boilers.

Significant operational cost savings can be made when using modern Firebird oil fired condensing boilers compared with older cast iron single output units currently found in light commercial situations. (up to 20%)


  • Linking boilers into a management cascade system can deliver significant efficiency gains as the system can reduce overall boiler output dependent on demand.
  • By smart thinking and design the use of smaller boilers and management systems can significantly reduce capital cost compared with large single source heating units