DHW with Heat Pumps

Panasonic Aquarea Domestic Hot Water Storage with Built in Heat Pump

The heat pump is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective methods of producing hot water. The pump installed on the storage tank takes energy from the surrounding air and uses this supplementary source to heat the water up to 55 °C.


The new designed DHW is ready to achieve levels of high efficiency even at temperatures as low as -7 °C. With 208, 276 and 295 L volumes of hot water capacity, with this range it is possible to connect additional heat source such as solar energy. The heat pump cools and de-humidifies the air pumped either from outdoors or from within the building. By choosing the point of air capture and exhaust, you can ventilate and de-humidify some rooms, while extracting the cooled air either into the environment or into another room that you want to cool.


For More Info Download Panasonic Aquarea DHW Heat Pump & Cylinder Brochure