DF 100

The heat medium to be heated is passed down through the collector tube within a coaxial heat exchanger.

Unique Feature - Versatility

This versatile product provides the perfect solution when the ideal position on the building is not available. The DF100 can be installed on a pitched or horizontal surface, and the tube can be rotated 25° to compensate for installations that deviate from south. As this collector is a fully pumped unit there is no minimum angle of inclination for the collector.

DF100 collectors are available in 3 sizes:

  • 10 Tube = 1.08m2 aperture area
  • 20 Tube = 2.16m2 aperture area
  • 30 Tube = 3.23m2 aperture area

Up to a maximum of 5 x 30 tubes collectors can be joined together in series with a flow rate of 15 Ltrs/min.

Features and Benefits:

  • 'Plug & play' design
  • Highly variable installation methods
  • Flexible building integration – DF100 can be installed on facades or flat roofs as seen in the diagram below.

Download the specification sheet fot DF100 range