Commercial Showers

Time Flow Valves

U61106 - Concealed Time Flow Valve

U61107 - Exposed Time Flow Valve

U61108 - Vandal Resistant Head Exposed

TMV3 Showers


U62010 - Acura Safe Touch Thermostatic Bar Shower

 U32261 - Acura Concealed Thermostatic Sequential Control Shower

U32262 - Acura Exposed Thermostatic Sequential Control Shower

U62017 - Gummers OPAC TS Concealed Valve with long lever

U62016 - Gummers OPAC TS Exposed Valve with long lever 1503 Sequential Control

Group Blending Valves

U60455 - Gummers 22mm Group Blending Valves

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

U32548 - Gummers 15mm Mixing Valve

U36296 - Gummers 22mm Mixing Valve