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ISAN Ecolite Radiators

ISAN Ecolite Lamellar Heat-Exchanger Convector Heaters

Convector heaters are generally installed in residential and administrative buildings, office settings and entrance halls, as well as storage facilities, changing rooms and other workplace areas.

The heat output is controlled by a thermostatic head fitted onto the thermostatic valve of each heater. It responds to ambient temperature fluctuations and smoothly controls the flow of the heating fluid through the heat-exchanger.

Another advantage of the heaters lies in their ability to promptly respond to heating requirements, while the low volume of water in the heat-exchanger secures fast warming up to operating temperature.

Fan-operated convector heaters are controlled by a thermostat which regulates fan speed and the flow rate of the heating fluid. The heat output can be increased several-fold by forced convection, which is very useful during periods of extremely cold weather and it can be advantageously combined with low-temperature heating systems. All heater components are designed for safe 24 V DC operation.

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ISAN Ecolite for Schools

The ISAN Exact EcoLite wall mounted radiators have been designed with the current guidelines for schools in mind. The heat exchanger allows for fast efficient heat up and they are safe, durable, easy to install and easy to maintain. The casing has a smooth front panel finish with rounded edges for safety.


ISAN Ecolite Fan Operated Convector

ISAN Ecolite Round TZT Fan Operated Wall Mounted Convector Heaters The Isan Ecolite Round fan operated wall mounted convector offers fast, responsive, accurate temperature control and are designed to work with low temperature high efficiency heating systems such as heat pumps. As the radiators have low water content and low temperature they allow the heat pump or high efficiency condensing boiler to operate at maximum efficiency further reducing running costs and CO2 emissions. The Ecolite are easy to install and efficient making them ideal for use in new builds and also with retrofits projects.

The heat output is transferred to the air streaming through the high efficiency lamellar heat-exchanger inside the heating body. The air-flow is powered by a low energy consumption fan which is continuously controlled by a thermostat to respond quickly to deliver heat to her room. A “thermal screen” is created in front of a glass surface, which effectively separates the cold surface from the indoor environment. At the same time, air flow prevents condensation of air humidity on the surface. The vertical and horizontal distribution of temperatures within the heated space is even and favourable conditions are created to secure thermal comfort.

Convector heaters are ideal for installation in residential and administrative buildings, office settings and entrance halls, as well as storage facilities, changing rooms and other workplace areas. As the temperature of the heater cover remains moderate during operation, it can never cause burn injuries, while the rounded-corner models not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the units, but also improves safety in exposed areas. They are installed in schools, preschools and other buildings where increased safety is a concern. They are easy to clean and have an anti bacterial coating which further increases safety in healthcare and school environments.

The ISAN Ecolite convector is compact, delivering high performance from a smaller space as the fan assists the efficient, even distribution of heat throughout the room, providing a more comfortable environment even at a lower temperature further increasing efficiency.

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ISAN ATOL Tubular Radiators

ATOL is interesting old fashion design steel tubular radiator. Smooth round shape of the tubular radiator ensure the radiator is safe and suitable for use in public as well as in residential buildings.

ATOL radiators have low weight, ensure excellent circulation and are suitable for the low temperature systems.

  • Elegant radiator with a smooth surface
  • Ideal compensation for classical multi column radiator
  • Round shapes minimise the risk of injury
  • Easy service and cleaning
  • High heat output
  • Excellent circulation of the heating liquid
  • Suitable also for the low-temperature systems

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