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Circulating Pumps

Heating Circulating Pump

Heatmerchants stock a wide range of circulating pumps in industry leading brands. As a company we are committed to ensuring that only pumps compliant with all EU regulations are stocked in our branches and warehouses.


In January 2013, new European legislation came into force, which placed mandatory efficiency and information requirement for circulating pumps placed for sale on the market after that date. Simple 3 speed inefficient circulators could no longer be imported into the European Union area, and all our Suppliers moved to next generation ErP compliant technologies, which meant circulators only used down to 20% of the electricity in their use than a standard inefficient 3 speed circulator. Heatmerchants through each of our different brands only stock ErP compliant domestic circulators.


Based on the design of a traditional heating pump, we have gone back to basics and produced an all round solution for all domestic heating applications including replacement of old style fixed speed traditional pumps - READ MORE