Case Study

Heat Merchants supply Panasonic Heat Pumps ensuring comfortable living in the luxurious Marina Villa

Marina Village, a Bridgedale development, enjoys an unparalleled location with sweeping vistas of the Irish Sea in the stunning village of Greystones, Co Wicklow. The development will features 158 A- Rated houses with apartments coming in later phases. The houses are designed to maximise energy efficiency and include high performance double glazed timber windows U value 1.2W/m2k and high performance external walls providing a U-Value of 0.15W/m2k. All Houses are constructed to provide an air tightness to a standard far exceeding building regulations.

Delap & Waller Mechanical Services in conjunction with Heat Merchants technical design team proposed the Panasonic Aquarea HT Air Source Heat Pump and the optimum solution to meet the client’s specifications that these homes must be energy efficient, achieve an A-Rating, have low running costs and meet budgetary requirements. This system must also deliver exceptional comfort to home owners even at outdoor temperatures as low as -20 °C.

The design team selected the energy efficient A -Rated Panasonic HT air source heat pump in sizes or 12 or 9kW according to the size of the house. The system also features a large capacity, efficient Aquarea tank with a pre plumbed combined 200 litre cylinder and 70 litre buffer to provide sanitary hot water storage. This tank includes a 3-way valve, is easy to install, and offers high efficiency.

Panasonic Aquarea HT high efficiency heat pumps are combined with heat recovery ventilation and will generate 100% of the hot water and heating requirement for the houses all year round without back up from a supplementary system. The Heat Pump is A++ rated at both 35ºC and 55ºC – with a calculated Annual COP value of over 4.30. The heating system design team paired the heat pump with aluminium radiators, a high efficiency heat recovery system, Horstmann multiple zone heating controls and thermostatic valve controls on all radiators to deliver supreme comfort for residents while also being exceptionally energy efficient

The spectacular seaside location is one of the key features of the development however this offered a challenge to the heating system Technical Design team. The heat pumps’ outdoor units were custom treated to include a special coating which offered resistance to the corrosive effects of the salt water. Bronz-Glow, a factory applied Coat-All system, was applied giving the developer peace of mind that the heat pumps will maintain performance levels and their aesthetics for years to come.

The heat pump was sized using a combination of the Panasonic’s Aquarea Designer Software and Heat Merchants Technical Design Team software. Contact Heat Merchants for more details about the Technical Design services 090 6424000