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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week Sept 25th - Oct 1st 2017

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide and aims to promote awareness of the risks associated with the gas, as well as to educate and inform the general public on how to prevent exposure to it. The awareness week is a public safety initiative supported by organisations across the energy sector and related industries, safety and public health bodies including the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), Gas Networks Ireland, the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland, the Oil Firing Technical Association, the National Standards Authority of Ireland, the Health Service Executive, the Health and Safety Authority, the Chief Fire Officers’ Association and major Irish energy retailers.


Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas that has no colour, taste or smell. It is invisible to the human senses. The only way to detect CO is with an audible carbon monoxide alarm. CO alarms are now mandatory in all homes where a new or replacement heatproducing fixed appliance is installed – including boilers, fires, heaters and any appliance designed to burn solid fuel, oil, bio-fuel or gas. Builders must also fit carbon monoxide alarms in all new homes.


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Guidelines for fitting Carbon Monoxide Alarm - One alarm should be installed in every room with a fuel-burning appliance. If the alarm is wall mounted alarm should be located

  • close to the ceiling but at least 150mm from ceiling
  • at a height greater than the height of any door or window
  • at a horizontal distance between 1m and 3m from the potential source
  • on the same side of any partition as the potential source
  • in rooms with sloped ceilings should be located at the high side of the room

Alarms located in sleeping rooms, living rooms and rooms remote from a fuelburning appliance should be close to the breathing zone of the occupants.

New regulations came into effect in Ireland making carbon monoxide (CO) alarms compulsory in more homes is a welcome move to reduce the number of avoidable and unnecessary deaths and hospital admissions caused by this deadly gas. This major step forward is also a reminder for installers to ensure their customers have the best possible protection.

Under the Technical Guidance Document J of Building Regulations 2014, CO alarms are now be mandatory in all homes in Ireland from 1st September 2014 where a new or replacement heat-producing fixed appliance – including boilers, fires, heaters and any appliance designed to burn solid fuel, oil, bio-fuel or gas – is installed. Builders will also have to fit carbon monoxide alarms in all new homes.

In support of the new regulations and as an extra boost to help installers keep customers safe, Heat Merchants together with home safety specialist, Sprue Safety Products are offering an exclusive free of charge upgrade to the new ten-year life FireAngel CO-9X-10T carbon monoxide alarm from the standard 7 year model. Sprue hails Ireland’s new legislation as a positive sign of a commitment to tackle this toxic ‘silent killer’ and an opportunity for installers to demonstrate their duty of care.

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