CHP Outputs: 12 - 400 kWe / Large Scale Outputs: 600kWe - 2MWe

Bosch Combined Heat & Power CHP offers a more efficient way to generate heat and electrical power, compared to conventional methods. The Bosch CHP unit provides innovative and efficient technology with compact and space-saving dimensions

Features & Benefits

  • High Efficiency up to 92.4% with the ability to modulate the output between 50% and 100%
  • Cost-efficient supply of energy on site
  • Outputs ranging from 12 to 400 kWe
  • Large Scale Modules also available - 600kWe - 2MWe
  • Reduced carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • ErP seasonal efficiency of 124% (A+) and 128% (A++) for the CE 12 NA and CE 19 NA respectively
  • Can be used as a safety power supply
  • Proven quality & reliability

Efficient monitoring & integration with Building Management Systems

A Bosch CHP module consists of a gas engine, a generator and a heat exchange system. The gas engine drives the generator to produce three-phase electrical power, which feeds into the mains low voltage distribution system, where it can be used locally or exported to the national grid.

Heat is produced as a by-product of the power generated, which in a conventional power station would be wasted. However, the heat generated by a Bosch CHP module is used to generate hot water via the integral heat exchangers. This hot water may be used for space heating, process heating or heating of domestic hot water (DHW). When the hot water is not required immediately, it can be stored in a suitable storage vessel for later use, whilst maximising the generation of useful electricity.

Reduced carbon emissions for both power and heat - According to the Carbon Trust, when compared to using conventional boiler systems and mains electricity, CHP has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for power and heat generation by around 30%. In utilising the waste heat from the power generation process, Bosch CHP delivers a total efficiency of around 92%, of which around 33% is in the form of higher value electrical energy.

Safe and secure energy supply - The ability to generate electricity on site provides enhanced security against disruption of the mains electrical supply.