Wall Hung Gas Boilers - Bosch


Single Boiler Outputs: 50kW, 65kW, 80kW, 100kW. Cascade Outputs: Up to 800kW

The GB162 is an extremely versatile and compact wall hung condensing gas boiler that can be installed on its own or as part of a multi-boiler ‘cascade’ system. The GB162 is suitable for use in projects ranging from large domestic to light commercial. Its compact dimensions make it especially suitable for installations where space is restricted, but demand for a modern high output heating solution is high.


Features & Benefits

  • Individual outputs of 50, 65, 80 and 100kW; outputs of up to 800kW can be achieved when multiple units are connected as part of a cascade installation
  • Condensing technology with up to 110% net efficiency with ultra low emission levels, less than 39mg/kWh NOx (dry, 0% O2)
  • The GB162 50kW and 65kW have ErP seasonal efficiencies of 93% and 92% respectively, both A-rated**
  • High turndown with modulation down to 15.6kW (50 and 65kW versions) and 19kW (80 and 100kW versions)
  • Modular package providing energy saving flexibility and maintenance backup
  • Extremely compact cascades (400kW in just 1m2)
  • Award winning ALU-Plus heat exchanger
  • New GB plate heat exchangers ensure boiler water and system water never meet
  • Can be installed on open vented systems
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Integrates with solar thermal installations
  • Maximises savings from solar hot water
  • Intuitive user controls
  • LPG conversion available

GB162 Multi-boiler Cascade Systems

For larger heat demands, the GB162 can be easily combined as part of a multi-boiler cascade system. Any combination of 2 to 8 boilers can be connected either in-line or back-to-back, using the Bosch cascade kits. This provides an overall condensing output of up to 800kW with the ability to modulate down to as low as 2.5% of the total output. This ensures that high levels of efficiency can be achieved all year round, even when demand for heat is low. Boilers can be sequenced to come into and out of operation when required, evenly spreading out wear and tear.