Mulberry - Boiler Stoves

Boiler Stoves

Joyce Matt/Enamel

Joyce Matt/Enamel
  • Provides hot water and heats 2 radiators
  • Multi-fuel stove
  • Maxiimum output 7.2kW (1.5kw to water, 5.7kW to room)
  • Nominal output 6.0kW (1.4kW to water, 4.6kW to room)

Yeats Matt/Enamel

Yeats Matt/Enamel
  • Cast Iron multi-fuel stove with window air wash system
  • Heats up to 6 radiators
  • Maximum output 12.9kW (7.8kW to water, 5.1kW to room)
  • Nominal output 11.1kW (6.2kW to water, 4.9kW to room)

Beckett Matt/Enamel

Beckett Matt/Enamel
  • Cast Iron multi-fuel stove
  • Heats up to 12 radiators
  • Precise control thermostatic - reducing emissions
  • Maximum output 21.0kW (14.7kW to water, 6.3kW to room)
  • Nominal output 17.7kW (12.2kW to water, 5.5kW to room)

Insert Boiler Stoves

Stoker Matt/ Enamel

Stoker  Matt/ Enamel
  • Trebles the efficiency of your fire with up to 6.5kW of heat to the room
  • Certified efficiency of 76%
  • Fits into a standard fireplace without removing fireback
  • Can be fitted in 15 minutes