Baxi Ecogen Micro CHP

How Baxi Ecogen works

Although Baxi Ecogen is the first widely available wall-hung domestic micro-CHP boiler in the UK and Ireland, the actual technology behind it is very much tried and tested.

Combined heat and power technologies have long been used to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in commercial buildings, from hospitals to hotels. Other European countries are already benefiting from the large-scale use of CHP technology in the home. In Denmark for instance, CHP accounts, incredibly, for 55% of all electricity generation.

For electricity generation, the Baxi Ecogen uses a free piston Stirling engine. This technology was invented by Robert Stirling in the nineteenth century. The engine is heated by burning gas. This heats the top of a piston which is filled with helium. As it heats up the helium working fluid expands and contracts to move a piston up and down. The piston travels between a copper coil, generating up to 1kW of electricity at 50Hz single phase, while also generating up to 6kW on the Heating side. If greater heat is being called for by the property, a supplementary burner will fire to generate a further 18kW of heat energy.


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