Baxi Back Boilers

Back boilers provide heating and hot water without taking up any valuable living space. Tucked away neatly behind the fireplace, they actually create space in the home that would otherwise be given up to a wall-hung boiler.

Despite its compact size, a back boiler is more than capable of fulfilling all heating and hot water needs. It heats the water in a hot water storage cylinder, like the Megaflo Eco which means you can run hot water from several taps at once without loss of pressure.

  • Replacing an old inefficient model with a high efficiency Baxi Bermuda BBU HE will save money on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions
  • Complies with current Building Regulations
  • The only like-for-like direct back boiler replacement in the UK
  • 2 year warranty*
  • No need to re-site the boiler and modify the pipework and no major disruption or redecoration
  • No loss of valuable kitchen cupboard space installing a wall hung boiler
  • 15kW heat output; modulating boiler adapts to heat demand ensuring optimum performance at all times
  • Room sealed appliance; eliminating the need for air vents in the room
  • Built in condensate pump and no pump overrun required, to ease installation
  • Factory set to enable easy boiler commissioning
  • Single piece flexible concentric flue; eliminating the need to provide flue inspection access
  • Quiet in operation

*Subject to registration and an annual service



Backboiler Range

Backboiler Installation Instructions