Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump

Aquarea High Performance - from 3 to 16kW

For a house with low temperature radiators or under-floor heating, our high performance. Aquarea HP is an ideal solution, which can work as a standalone unit or be combined with an existing gas or oil-fired heating system. This new solution is ideal for low energy consumption homes. Water output is at 25-55 0C

Standard Monobloc

  • U55999 6kW Aquarea
  • U56000 9kW Aquarea
  • U56001 12kW Aquarea
  • U56002 14kW Aquarea
  • U56003 16kW Aquarea

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Aquarea HT - from 9 to 12kW

Ideal for retrofitting in a house when keeping traditional high temperature radiators (such as cast iron radiators), the Aquarea HT Solution is the most appropriate as the Aquarea HT provides output water temperatures of 25-65oc temperatures as low as -20oc

High Temperature Monobloc

  • U53671 9kW Aquarea HT
  • U53672 12kW Aquarea HT

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Aquarea T-CAP - from 9 to 16kW

Aquarea T-CAP always has high efficiency & high heating capacity even at extremely low temperatures. If the most important aspect is to maintain nominal heating capacities even at temperatures as low as -15oc select the Aquarea T-CAP. This ensures that there is always enough capacity to heat the house without using electric heat. Water output is at 25-55oc

T-CAP Heat Pump Monobloc/Split

  • U53669 9kW Aquarea T-CAP
  • U53670 12kW Aquarea T-CAP
  • 16kW Aquarea T-CAP Split 3 Phase

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Aquarea Heat Pump Manager

The Heat Pump Manager (HPM) is specially designed to ensure the Aquarea heat pump systems deliver maximum performance and comfort allowing accurate temperature control based on the outdoor temperature. The HPM is the ideal solution if it is necessary to combine multiple heat pumps and or use a secondary heat source such as solar, gas or oil fired boilers with the heat pump which makes heat pumps suitable for larger properties when a large 3 phase unit is not suitable or retro-fit projects where the existing heating system is maintained. The HPM control will interface between the different heat sources and utilises the most appropriate depending on the user preferences.

The HPM also allows for remote access and monitoring over the web using Panasonic's unique internet applications.