Water Heaters - Andrews

Andrews Water Heater is the market leader for the supply of high efficiency gas-fired commercial water heaters, having the broadest portfolio of products and the largest selection of 26 models in the condensing water heating sector alone.Established since 1976 Andrews has for many years been the No. 1 provider of cost effective water heating solutions in a wide variety of multiple residential, commercial and industrial properties. The basic design principles of these units offer energy efficient operation, which has been successfully exploited in a number of award winning projects.

The Andrews Water Heaters business is based in Birmingham and, together with Potterton Commercial forms Baxi Commercial Division part of the BDR Thermea. The company is committed to a policy of producing high quality products under approved manufacturing systems. Andrews was the first water heating company to market CE and was the first to receive BBA certification.

FAST flo - Instant Water Heater

The FASTflo condensing water heater from Andrews Water Heaters provides a continuous flow of hot water instantly and is ideal for installations that are short of space. Unlike old instantaneous water heaters, the revolutionary design measures the incoming water flow and temperature through the primary circuit board. It then modulates the burner up or down to meet the hot water demand.

  • Up to 15 litres per minute satisfies the most demanding applications
  • Internal or external models available means flexible siting, especially where space is at a premium
  • Copper finned tube heat exchanger makes it low maintenance, reliable and robust
  • 5:1 fully modulating burner adjusts the burner to meet the desired water temperature with no stand-by heat loss
  • Flexible flueing options
  • Compact, light and robust construction so can be installed quickly, saving time on site
  • Factory fitted frost protection so can be installed externally and in areas without heating (external model only)
  • Up to 103% gross efficiency


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