Alpha Innotec

Alpha Innotec, a German Manufactured High Efficiency Ground Source Heat Pumps with Internet Remote Control & Monitoring. There are a range of sizes available for individual houses and large commercial properties. Ground source heat pumps are a low cost easy installation heating system which will save up to 70% on heating bills. The SWC Compact range comes complete with both ground and heating system hydraulic components such as circulating pumps, expansion vessels, safety valves etc.

Heat Merchants Group provide a comprehensive customer orientated service to ensure our clients are provided with the optimum system within budget and on time. Heat Merchants Group provides a high quality service and are registered members of the Heat Pump Association of Ireland.

A heat pump works in a similar way to a domestic refrigerator. The fridge draws heat from the food inside and emits it into the room through the finned tubes on the back. A heat pump similarly
draws heat from the ground or the outside air. This heat is then "elevated" to a temperature sufficient for central heating (55-65°C). Due to the sophisticated technology employed by AlphaInnoTec this principle can work day and night, all year round. It even works when the outside temperature is below freezing!

A heat pump converts large amounts of so-called "low grade energy" in the environment (even very low temperatures) to a smaller amount of high grade energy at a more usable temperature (e.g. 35°C). Heat pumps can keep working effectively down to outside temperatures of -20°C.
The environment benefits as well, since no emissions are created locally unlike a wood burning stove or conventional boiler for example. Heat pumps work most economically when the difference between the heat source (ground or air) and the temperature of the heating circuit is as small as possible. Because of this low temperature heating systems, like under floor heating are the ideal partners for a heat pump.

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