Capacity 300-4000 litres. The insulation is 100-mm seamless polyurethane faced with steel sheet. The upper hatch has a standard hot water coil. A domestic hot water pre-heating coil, a solar heating coil, heat collector exchanger and other units can be placed in the lower hatch. The accumulator tank stores and levels the energy from the energy source. The accumulator tank is suitable for use in conjunction with a water-based central heating system, but it can also be used
in conjunction with air heating systems. As the accumulator tank is suitable for use with several different heat sources, its use allows for the simultaneous use of several heat sources and allows you to alter the energy source in the future.

Most heating methods require connecting the accumulator tank to the heating system. The hot accumulator tank is useful also with sources that function independent of an accumulator tank. For example, used in conjunction with oil-based heating systems, the accumulator tank reduces the number of start-ups for the burner and increases the total operating efficiency of the system.

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